APA launches new webpage on workplace bullying

APA launches new webpage on workplace bullying.


Walls by MUR

Renters and dormitory occupants alike rejoice – modern graphic wall solutions from MUR. A refreshing take on tacky wall decals. Going to try this southwest pattern out in oxford and mulberry. Would try the wood panel pattern if the place wasn’t already wood paneled out.





being married is like being tied to each other in a three legged race. very slow, unnatural and cumbersome. may improve after a long time and much practice. requires much patience and consideration.

Omar’s New Home

betta fish

This is Merlin’s old 1 gallon tank. He died from dropsy last month, and I acquired the tank, but was reticent to use it for fear that my little aging bettas, Omar and Br. Mouzone, might suffer the same unfortunate fate as Merlin.

One day, I found Br. Mouzone had snuck under the divider and the two were fighting betta style (scary!). I scooped the antagonist out before any damage was done, but that was the last straw. Separate tanks stat.

I tackled disinfecting all of Merlin’s old equipment using a 10% household bleach solution (9 parts hot water, 1 part bleach).
– filled the tank with diluted bleach solution (and dumped anything else that needed disinfecting, i.e. a net, filter, heater…running the filter too)
– scrubbed the sides with solution + paper towel
– let stand for 15 minutes
– empty, and fill with hot water
– let stand
– rinse with hot water until it didn’t smell like bleach anymore
– repeat again if you were a fish, and wouldn’t feel safe in there

This is day 1 of new tank! Hope it worked. Omar’s life depends on it. Hopefully he will enjoy this new home even more, now that Br. Mouzone can’t pick on him like he did in their old, shared, divided tank.

Tanks specs
– 1 gallon acrylic tank
– Filter: none, 100% water changes every 3 days (to help fin rot heal)
– Heater: none, water is at 76 degrees F
– Decor: Purple silk betta plant (Omar likes to weave and camouflage himself in this) + one upside down silicone cupcake holder for Omar to feel secure in and hide in.
– Gravel: 4 glass pebbles. Omar likes to nudge these around a little.


Dining Hall Dinner Remix: Spinach Salad with Asparagus and Portobello Mushroom

Lucky day at the Dining Hall – a huge tray of juicy, Portobello steaks marinated in oil and vinegar, and long stems of asparagus. A lover of vegetables, I picked up two of the giant mushroom caps, and a tong full of cooked asparagus. They were just fine on their own, but on day 2, I remixed these tired leftovers to make a delicious, fresh spinach salad.

– Baby Spinach, chopped
– Feta Cheese Crumbles
– Portobello mushrooms, reheated and sliced
– Asparagus, reheated and sliced
– Vinaigrette (whisk together olive oil, basalmic vinegar in 2:1 ratio, pinch of salt, pepper, and NJ wildflower honey to cut the acid.)

Now, as a thoroughly vegetarian Milly, on to cadaveric anatomy for the dentist!

The Truth About Being Married and in Dental School

There are the rumors that a certain medical school prides itself on its reputation of not having a single long-term relationship or marriage make it out of those 4 strenuous years intact. Can a marriage or long-term relationship withstand the pressures of a rigorous academic environment? Or late night study sessions with that crush-worthy classmate?


Eight months into dental school (but who’s counting?) and here’s my two cents on being newly married and in dental school. It can be a good thing, and it can work! I would encourage anyone who is hesitating to get hitched SIMPLY because of grad school to reconsider.

Here are five real things to consider about marriage and dental school:

1) Perspective. After hours of fiddling with preps and working with crumbling amalgam restorations, I come home and get to hear about real life. You know, the stuff that awaits me just a few years from now. It makes school seem…containable…finite. I try not to let school rule my life, even when it tries to.

2) Unending support. We cheer each other on. I call him after every exam and let him know how it went. He’s the only person that I will talk about grades and test content with, and probably the only one who cares haha! In return, I celebrate his successes and wins at work as much as I celebrate his kills on Call of Duty on a Double XP weekend.

3) More time! Time is the penultimate item that there is never enough of in dental school. Because I’m married, I don’t waste any time thinking about what I’m going to do on Friday night, who I might meet, and I don’t feel the need to dress to impress anyone in particular besides myself (and sometimes the hubby). There is this quote from SDN…”a breakup in medical school can destroy you.” I can only imagine how distracting that would be. Interestingly enough, being a couple gives me more time for…me!

4) Trust. Your relationship has to be a strong one. You will be spending a lot of time apart. Marriage is one thing, long distance is quite another. My husband is never more than 45 minutes away. I am at lab or studying, and that’s terribly boring for the husband. His day ends at 5 pm, and that’s when I am just starting to put a dent in my task list. So we live largely separate lives, but together in spirit.

5) Priorities. We are lucky to have a life where my only (debateably real) responsibility is school, and he takes care of everything else. Both of you have to have the same priorities for things to go smoothly. For us, it’s my school. Everything else takes a back seat, and he is behind me all the way. He never pesters me to spend more time with him, no incessant whiny texts from him, no guilt-tripping, like some of my other married dental school friends have to deal with.

We have a pact that he will take care of me and getting my career started for the first 10 years, and then I will take care of him for the next 10 years. Planning for the future helps us get by day to day.

The “Right” Reasons To Marry

A friend recently mused that she and her husband did not marry for the right reasons. That made me wonder, what exactly are the right reasons? People get married every day for various reasons, which are largely determined, I think, by culture, so can there really be a wrong reason to marry?



My partner and I proceeded to randomly interject reasons why we married each other, rightly or wrongly.

1. To combine piggy banks and have a joint bank account

2. To happily dream of having his children (but not necessarily having any soon)

3. Hugs unlimited

4. Someone who is good at the things that I am not (sports, playing with dogs and babies)



1. Someone who will guide you in the right direction, but will have your back if you make a mistake. A partner

At our required marriage counseling, my partner cited Loyalty as his most valued trait in a partner, and for me, it was Dependability. We definitely provide those things for each other in spades. We dated for 7+ years before we married, and in that time, you know if you’ll grow together, or grow apart. I’d say the novelty of each other wore off after year 2 of seeing each other every day and every weekend (except during summers), and that’s when we really got to know what the other was made of. After year 2, I learned about my partner’s seemingly endless capacity to Forgive. Hopefully after year 2, you get more impressed overall with the other. That might be a good sign to tie the knot!

Dining on a Budget: Pho-Inspired Ramen

No longer a housedaughter of NJ am I, but a full-time dental student. Pardon my absence! The first month of dental school has kept me busy to say the least. We have exams weekly, and it is keeping me on my toes. Away from my former cushy digs, I am now living the life of a graduate student, and experimenting with dining on a budget.

Here’s all you need for a Ramen upgrade. Yup, it’ll cost you around one dollar for this less than nutritious, but flavorful and delicious insta-meal!

1 pkg nissan ramen (chicken flavored)
1/8 fresh lime juice
basil leaves, torn
alfalfa sprouts, garnish (shown with bean sprouts)

Save on Wedding Day Flowers and Please in Playlist

As an insatiable perfectionist, control freak, and “slave driver” on my worst days, I naturally obsessed over the wedding afterwards. We did not have any mishaps. No freak storms. We had a great time, everything came out as envisioned, I loved the way the reception hall looked, I didn’t trip or fall (a recurring pre-wedding nightmare) but here are a few tweaks.

SAVE / After the wedding, I noticed that WEGMAN’S FLORAL DEPARTMENT makes adorable little bouquets on Mother’s day. These run about $12.50 each. They were small, cheery, and reminded me of J.CREW wedding look book bouquets. Wegman’s can certainly whip these up for you easily, Mother’s Day or not. I would have used these for me and the bridesmaids had I known of them. If you are on a budget, and don’t know every flower you want by name, ask your florist for pictures of her work from other weddings. You may see some things that look great, and in your price range. Traditional florals like roses, while a familiar household name, tend to run high in cost.

ELEVATE / My florist was a very creative woman who primarily constructed floral designs for Russian weddings. The reception tables have an open spread of Russian dishes, so her weddings required elevated centerpieces. They look so formal, and don’t cost you at all in terms of flowers. If you buy the tall vases / pedestals, it will cost around $80 each, according to the florist, but the right florist will already have a dozen of these in her supply.

Music: The groom did make one unusual request: ABSOLUTELY NO OLDIES. I acquiesced to his one wedding request, however, post-party, the grandparents and a handful of gals noticed an absence of “Oldies” tunes and slow dances (eek), but the groom was very happy. Verdict: Draw. Really, throw your older guests a bone, and put in two oldies. You can give them 6 minutes of time.

Baby Pine Marten

The adorable baby pine marten

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