Happy Halloween!

Check out our pumpkin carvings this year! This year I took a more sculptural route, and hollowed out mini pumpkins to form the eyes of this owl critter.

What you need:
1 large pumpkin
2 mini pumpkins
Wood dowel
Wood saw (be careful! this is sharp and dangerous)
Pumpkin Carving Saw (From your local grocery store or dollar store)
Metal Spoon for Scooping

Cut the “lid” off the large pumpkin. Scoop out the insides and clean it out. Cut eye holes out. Save some pieces for the beak, and ear tufts.

Use the wood saw to cut the tops off of the mini pumpkins. These things are hard as a rock, so be extra careful.

Attach the mini pumpkins to the main pumpkin with toothpicks. Same for beak and ear tufts.

Use the wood dowel to carve “v” shaped feathers, and use your pumpkin carving saw for details like the wings and eye feathers. I also used toothpicks for eyelashes.

(Left) Angry Bird by G. (Right) Owl by Housedaughter

All lit up!


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