D is for Divorce

A lot of things have changed since the first post. I started out as a Housedaughter, scared and excited to be starting out on a new career path, starting dental school as a newlywed – married my college sweetheart of 7 years at the time. Four years later, just as dental school was ending, so was my marriage.

If there was a graph illustrating my feelings, the ups and downs, about both dental school and my marriage, it was almost inversely related. As I became more comfortable and successful at school and work, my marriage started to very slowly wither and die. Maybe the relationship was never really in tip top shape. Maybe I spent too much time on school. If focusing on school was the cause, I don’t regret that, but it would be too easy to say it was just that. It was probably a hundred little things that caused the demise of an otherwise promising marriage.

Towards the end, I desperately tried to hang on to someone who wasn’t there anymore – physically, emotionally. He had checked out.  I knew in my heart he was gone. As a final Hail Mary, I asked him to go with me to a highly recommended psychologist for counseling, who confirmed that we were beyond counseling. The psychologist referenced the adage, “It takes two people to start a relationship, it only takes one to end it.”

Posting this because there’s a dental reference, a breakup reference, and it made me laugh about sadness. I hope it does that for you, too.


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