Omar’s New Home

betta fish

This is Merlin’s old 1 gallon tank. He died from dropsy last month, and I acquired the tank, but was reticent to use it for fear that my little aging bettas, Omar and Br. Mouzone, might suffer the same unfortunate fate as Merlin.

One day, I found Br. Mouzone had snuck under the divider and the two were fighting betta style (scary!). I scooped the antagonist out before any damage was done, but that was the last straw. Separate tanks stat.

I tackled disinfecting all of Merlin’s old equipment using a 10% household bleach solution (9 parts hot water, 1 part bleach).
– filled the tank with diluted bleach solution (and dumped anything else that needed disinfecting, i.e. a net, filter, heater…running the filter too)
– scrubbed the sides with solution + paper towel
– let stand for 15 minutes
– empty, and fill with hot water
– let stand
– rinse with hot water until it didn’t smell like bleach anymore
– repeat again if you were a fish, and wouldn’t feel safe in there

This is day 1 of new tank! Hope it worked. Omar’s life depends on it. Hopefully he will enjoy this new home even more, now that Br. Mouzone can’t pick on him like he did in their old, shared, divided tank.

Tanks specs
– 1 gallon acrylic tank
– Filter: none, 100% water changes every 3 days (to help fin rot heal)
– Heater: none, water is at 76 degrees F
– Decor: Purple silk betta plant (Omar likes to weave and camouflage himself in this) + one upside down silicone cupcake holder for Omar to feel secure in and hide in.
– Gravel: 4 glass pebbles. Omar likes to nudge these around a little.



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