The “Right” Reasons To Marry

A friend recently mused that she and her husband did not marry for the right reasons. That made me wonder, what exactly are the right reasons? People get married every day for various reasons, which are largely determined, I think, by culture, so can there really be a wrong reason to marry?



My partner and I proceeded to randomly interject reasons why we married each other, rightly or wrongly.

1. To combine piggy banks and have a joint bank account

2. To happily dream of having his children (but not necessarily having any soon)

3. Hugs unlimited

4. Someone who is good at the things that I am not (sports, playing with dogs and babies)



1. Someone who will guide you in the right direction, but will have your back if you make a mistake. A partner

At our required marriage counseling, my partner cited Loyalty as his most valued trait in a partner, and for me, it was Dependability. We definitely provide those things for each other in spades. We dated for 7+ years before we married, and in that time, you know if you’ll grow together, or grow apart. I’d say the novelty of each other wore off after year 2 of seeing each other every day and every weekend (except during summers), and that’s when we really got to know what the other was made of. After year 2, I learned about my partner’s seemingly endless capacity to Forgive. Hopefully after year 2, you get more impressed overall with the other. That might be a good sign to tie the knot!


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