Save on Wedding Day Flowers and Please in Playlist

As an insatiable perfectionist, control freak, and “slave driver” on my worst days, I naturally obsessed over the wedding afterwards. We did not have any mishaps. No freak storms. We had a great time, everything came out as envisioned, I loved the way the reception hall looked, I didn’t trip or fall (a recurring pre-wedding nightmare) but here are a few tweaks.

SAVE / After the wedding, I noticed that WEGMAN’S FLORAL DEPARTMENT makes adorable little bouquets on Mother’s day. These run about $12.50 each. They were small, cheery, and reminded me of J.CREW wedding look book bouquets. Wegman’s can certainly whip these up for you easily, Mother’s Day or not. I would have used these for me and the bridesmaids had I known of them. If you are on a budget, and don’t know every flower you want by name, ask your florist for pictures of her work from other weddings. You may see some things that look great, and in your price range. Traditional florals like roses, while a familiar household name, tend to run high in cost.

ELEVATE / My florist was a very creative woman who primarily constructed floral designs for Russian weddings. The reception tables have an open spread of Russian dishes, so her weddings required elevated centerpieces. They look so formal, and don’t cost you at all in terms of flowers. If you buy the tall vases / pedestals, it will cost around $80 each, according to the florist, but the right florist will already have a dozen of these in her supply.

Music: The groom did make one unusual request: ABSOLUTELY NO OLDIES. I acquiesced to his one wedding request, however, post-party, the grandparents and a handful of gals noticed an absence of “Oldies” tunes and slow dances (eek), but the groom was very happy. Verdict: Draw. Really, throw your older guests a bone, and put in two oldies. You can give them 6 minutes of time.


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