Mainstream vs DIY Style Wedding?

To go mainstream or DIY-esque*? In searching for vendors, there is no middle ground. There’s either DJ #1 who has done tons of high school proms and comes with his own strobe light, or DJ #2, the anti-mainstream DJ, who used to DJ at the independent radio station and is an avid pottery artist by day. Do I want fanfare a la DJ #1, or do I want low key, socially awkward DJ #2?

To be honest, I loathe high school dances, scratch that, high school anything. Even my tolerance of high school aged people is on a case by case basis. This bit of logic would negate DJ #1 as a viable option, and seal the deal for DJ #2.

Okay, so I go with DJ #2, but what separates him from my socially awkward ipod? Is there a tactful way to ask him that? I started to ask the question on our phone conversation, but decidedly gave him the benefit of the doubt, and asserted that he can do things that an ipod player cannot…what exactly that might be? The jury is still out.

It really comes down to style. I want things to read well, but putting together the DJ, photographer, caterer, florist, baker is like cutting magazine letters out for a ransom note; a little helter skelter. Surely a vintage photographer would clash with the mainstream DJ? I feel as though the path is diverging into mainstream and alternative. To be honest, I am about as vintagely inspired as a J.Crew would get, which I would quantify as “a little, but not very.” Perhaps I should play it safe, stick to convention, and accept responsibility for my role in getting involved in something as conventionally uncool as getting legally married…DJ #1.


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