Long Rectangular Tables for Wedding Seating Design

Love banquet dining with long rectangular tables because you can chat with people across the table from you, which rounds don’t offer. The good news is that many venues have these in stock at no additional charge. Long tables are friendlier, and have the flexibility to be dressed up for a rustic outdoor wedding, or dressed up for a formal regal look.

The lush decorations, which I adore, are what I’m about to tackle next in terms of budget and feasibility. Will definitely need more flowers than most invest in for the wedding, and that means florist expenses go up.

Next step: hoard clear glass candle holders, clear flower vases (an assortment of glass and crystal for both holders and vases). Where can I get my hands on clear candelabras for rent?

I love the height of the candelabras, and the shimmering layers of the clear glass and candlelight, and of course, lots of low lying flowers so people can talk over them, while maintaining a clear vision across the table of fellow guests.

See below for the inspiration:


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