Rent The Runway for Weddings

How many times have you bought a dress for a formal occasion, and only worn it once? Rent the Runway (RTR) first appeared on my radar after an Access Hollywood episode 5+ years age, where they were pushing a new business started by two hot Harvard blondes, Jenn and Jenny. I was unenthused with the idea of renting designer dresses, or renting dresses in general, but my ears perked up when they mentioned that you could get two sizes for the price of one, further ensuring a good fit. Fast forward to present day, and I have heard nothing but good things about the customer service. They also take care of dry cleaning, and include free shipping to and from the RTR closet. You get to keep your dress for 4 days, or longer for a fee. Basically risk free rental. What’s not to love?

The RTR closet has expanded to include lots of covetable labels, from hip Alice + Olivia to established heavy hitters like Helmut Lang. To get a dress that costs upwards of $500 to the thousands for as low as 50 buckaroos seems like a sweet deal. How great would this be to strut your stuff in a hot Herve Leger for that reunion, or use to furnish a fashionable uniform for beloved bridesmaids?

Envision these dresses as bridesmaids options. Which one wins for bridesmaids pick for Spring 2012?


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