Honeymoon Destination Inspiration! Curacao

Back from a lovely cruise to the Western Carribean (Photos to follow shortly!), and the balmy weather, crystal clear waters, and exotic animals got me dreaming on top of a dream on honeymoon destinations. With 7 months to the big day, we should start booking for the Honeymoon soon!

Whenever I am asked where we are going, I say decisively, “Hawaii”! Hawaii is part of the US, no language barriers, a little on the pricey side, but total paradise and little thinking required on our part. G and I have roughed it in Central America, where I was the banker, the translator, the organizer, and totally exhausted. The groom usually plans the honeymoon, and that tradition is fine by me! Hawaii is sure to please, and if not go all out on the honeymoon, then when?

But after this cruise, with the Caribbean so close to the east coast of the US, it seems silly to fly half way across the world to Hawaii, when we have the beautiful ABC islands. Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao .

Willemstad, Curacao

Curacao (pronounced koo-rah-sow) was rated the #1 place in the world to visit in 2012 by Frommer’s. The ultimate carribean paradise, Curacao is one of those special places where it has beautiful, sunny weather all year long with an average temperature of 85 degrees. Sugar white sands, teeming coral reefs, ship wreck dives, and historic, charming Willemstad (above) make this a great honeymoon pick. This dutch colony is near the northern coast of Venezuela. (The Dutch womens’ volleyball team vacations here). The “rainy season” is usually from Oct to Feb, but we will surely miss this, and hurricane season. We will also be in time for the hatching turtles (May-Aug)! Baby turtles, wonderful!

The best beaches are on the southern coast, west of Willemstad, including Blauwbaai, Daaibooi and Knip Bay. Curaçao’s most snorkel-friendly wreck dive, Tugboat, lies in shallow water just 100 yards offshore. Fifteen miles southeast of the big island, unpopulated Klein Curaçao offers day-trippers a complete castaway experience: shipwrecks, an old lighthouse, and more than a mile of flat, empty sands that are the longest in Curaçao. I can’t imagine anyone better than my newly minted husband to be on a deserted island with.

Hyatt Regency in Curacao Gold Resort, Spa, and Marina

Let’s get down to business. How much will a trip to Curacao cost? A quick look at the droolworthy Hyatt Regency Resort, Spa, and Marina has a special deal going on now with their new all-inclusive package. Use the promo code “CURAIP,” which is good through 2012, and get every 4th night free, refunded upon checkout. That’s 12 nights of paradise, with 3 free nights with 3+ meals per day, unlimited house wine, and unlimited premium beverages, juices, soda. That’s 242.70 USD per night (best deal), or $2184.66 USD for 12 days in May (and I’ve added in all taxes and service fees). And 12 nights is a long time. I could even go for 8 days and be satisfied. A reviewer on tripadvisor.com says that this Hyatt is comparable to the Maui Four Seasons in terms of superior accommodations and service. Consensus seems to be that it is for relaxation, not sure if it can keep G entertained enough, but perfect for me, the little couch potato.

Next up: Hawaiian resort packages.


5 thoughts on “Honeymoon Destination Inspiration! Curacao

  1. Love that picture of Willemstad– looks like the perfect place to have a cocktail!

    We were recently in VIeques which is an island just east of Puerto Rico. That may be another place you’d want to check out. Amazing beaches and English speaking.

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