Wedding Color Inspirations: Coral and Seafoam in 2 ways

Perfect pastels for a cinco de mayo wedding, no? Pops of coral on a sea foam and buttercream backdrop. I do like the succulents, but I wonder if these are available in the northeast in the spring? It invokes the southwest, and I’ll just admit it, but I’ve always been a little obsessed with cacti.

a la cinco de mayo. But could this work in a castle-like gothic-revival setting?

What think you of the buttercream yellow? Too much of a primary color thing going, or could it work at the Merion Tribute House?

Perhaps option #2 is a little more up the gothic revival alley – more subdued and romantic in coral, sage, and grey. The men could go with light grey suits, or dark grey, and a coral colored tie. Ladies could opt for coral or sage colored bridesmaid dress. Flowers could be dusty coral, and pop in a few succulents and giant white peonies, perhaps!

a more subdued, patina sage, coral, and shades of grey


6 thoughts on “Wedding Color Inspirations: Coral and Seafoam in 2 ways

  1. haha, they’re all great 🙂 I didn’t realize I was choosing between two options when I said I liked the yellow! I meant more that the color palette of both options sounds beautiful

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