5 Steps to Overcome a Road Bump

Last night I tried my dress on, and it felt tighter than ever. I knew that I needed to get serious about this weight loss thing, and put my money where my mouth was, or I wouldn’t be able to sit or eat on the big day. Before you judge, I used to think people who bought clothes too small with the hopes of fitting into it by a certain big date were kind of crazy, too. Yet, here I am! Here’s what helped me overcome a road bump in my diet (which I have used in life in general), and have me feeling pretty confident about this weight loss goal ahead of me. As I sit here blogging, my stomach is making all kinds of noises of protest, yet I remain strong on day 2 in a row of my diet/exercise regimen!

1. Identify the Problem and the Cause: Example “I can’t lose weight because I can’t stick to a diet/exercise format for longer than 2 days in a row.”

2. Tell People About your Problem: This is part of admitting that you have a problem, and it also helps you to verbalize a mish mash of feelings and frustrations into words. Try talking about it to people that you know and trust. Most likely, someone will have a great idea, or valuable advice from their own experience to shed light on the problem. You don’t know everything! A third party perspective has a clearer view, and in no time you will have a viable solution(s) to set about step 4. “I’m trying to lose weight to fit into my dress, but I can’t seem to stick to a diet/exercise long enough to see any results.”

3. Ask for Help 3 Times: If the above people haven’t offered already, reach out to them, be they a friend, an expert, a peer, or someone more senior than you. Just ask three different people who ARE NOT directly related to you, and not your boss. Try to go to someone outside of your family, and try to find three different people.

Family can be a great support, but often mom and/or dad, despite all of their good intentions, will have ulterior motives and preconceived judgements and limitations/expectations placed on you, even unbeknownst to themselves. It’s great to keep family in the loop, especially if you have an existing supportive relationship, that’s awesome, congrats! Even still, get the additional opinions of these third parties. You will be surprised by how many people actually want to help you, and share what they know!!! I cannot stress this step enough. It took a long time for me to learn this. A lot of smart people are not used to asking for help, or admitting they are not able to solve something simply because they did not encounter such problems growing up and aren’t trained to properly handle such a situation. Other times, silence has to do with shame and embarrassment. Perhaps you think that if you don’t talk about it, no one will know, and it will be like it didn’t happen. Or another variation, if people don’t know what you are going for, then no one will know if you didn’t get it. These are normal feelings, but you need to be honest with yourself, and open yourself up to a world of opportunities if you want to get ahead in the world in an efficient manner. It’s as easy as asking someone, “Do you have any advice?”

4. Set a Goal and Plan of Attack: Do your research. Be honest with yourself about what you are willing and able to accomplish. For example: I can lose 15 lbs in 4 months. I can’t expect to lose 15 lbs in a week. That’s unreasonable. “I will not partake in carbs or juice. I will drink my coffee black. I will exercise x min a day. I will have one cheat day where I eat whatever I want, 1 time per week, if I stick to the rules for the other 6 days” See 4 Hour Work Week.

5. Get a Coach or a Support Group: This ensures that you check in with someone. You can talk about minor set backs before they become failures. You can bounce ideas off each other. What worked well, what didn’t work so well? I knew that I needed a coach, someone to command me to do pushups, so I turned to a virtual coach!

I have the NTC Nike Training Club on my app for a structured 30-45 min conditioning and toning routine. NTC tracks how often I complete a workout, and gives me badges when I do complete one, which satisfies the first-grader in me.

Still, how would I track what I ate? There is an awesome app for that too, Lose it! app. Tracks my diet and exercise, and has an extensive database of foods and their calorie content. It is nothing short of amazing. I also consolidate my diet and exercise data for the day into one place, right here! I plan to track my weight every few days, and document my chest-waist-hip measurements. I was also inspired and amused by the comments on the 4 Hour Work Week Blog, so that counts as a virtual support group, too, where they ask important questions, such as”What about soy milk?

Please note, this is a sample screen shot, not mine! I did not play bball for 45 min today.

For the first time since I started blogging, I feel like I am actually going to overcome this road block with the help of my virtual coaches and my friends. Yes, I am lucky enough to have a living breathing coach, a tough cookie who is lord of the fast, and who sprinkles my day with diet wisdom 🙂 Check out her blog at Daily Love Affairs!

My dinner plate accompanied with a glass of water and herbal tea (Okay…so there was actually 3x the amount of chicken eaten than you see pictured). A little protein doesn’t hurt according to 4-Hour Body. Check out the rest of the plate (7:00 stir fried garlic and spinach) (2:00 pork with lima beans and red bell pepper) (11:00 grilled chicken with mushrooms from a local Italian restaurant)”]

Hope this helps! – The Housedaughter


Back On the Wagon

New Goal: Lose 15 lbs in 4 months (by Feb 2012). Kicked it off with Nike Training Companion on my iTouch for a 30 min Get Lean Workout, a 1 hour walk in the park with my mom, and trying to be 4 hour body diet compatible. I did have one little flop – where I caved and ate 1 piece of Mexican Xocalatl with Chile, and a cup of Amish Potato Salad 😦 But! I said no thanks to white rice at dinner!

How to Lose 20 lbs of Fat in 30 days Blog

I found this blog as a source of inspiration and support to get back on the 4-hour body. My only question is: how is pizza OK?

Hold my hand!

(Suburbs of) Los Angeles, I’m Yours

Just got back from 10 days of R&R in sunny California! Watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in homage to my time there (no television at the cousin’s house). I find Mauricio to be the most desirable husband. He seems to have the most masculine energy.

My cousin and his friend seemed pretty amused when I said, “All I know in southern California is Arcadia and Cerritos.” Got to know the town better by driving. I had a low profile, Nissan Sentra, which I stocked with pistachio nuts like a squirrel. I spent a lot of time cooking at the house…and my go-to destination ended up being Pavilions, the supermarket down the street. I was still able to eat healthy when I cooked at home because I had the kitchen at my disposal. Aaand as a housedaughter, price is a nagging issue, but thanks to the bazzilionaires who may or may not have made money in unsavory ways, they donated parks and gardens and their homes to the public to enjoy.

Side note: squirrels in California are redder than our east coast squirrels, who are more grey. Both collect nuts obsessively this time of year.

Day 1: First day out on the town was Pasadena Old Town to get shorts and a tank top. (Free parking for first 2 hours)

Day 2: I lucked out and stumbled into the 2011 Southland Orchid Show at the Huntington Library! Loved the gardens, and found that all the old people were hiding out in the air conditioned mansion-converted-to-art-gallery. Not a bad place to be! ($10 student admission, Free parking)

CalOrchid of Santa Barbara. Display.

CalOrchid of Santa Barbara. Display. ($10 with student ID for access to the Huntington. The Orchid show was Free).

Day 3: Koreatown and Soot Bull Jeep! Best Kolbi BBQ in all the land!

Day 4-6: Beaches! Santa Monica Pier, Manhattan Beach (my favorite one) and dinner at Cecil’s Ribs, Venice Beach. (Free municipal parking at Manhattan. Maybe $3 or so for Santa Monica, maybe free can’t remember. $5 parking for Venice Beach)

Manhattan beach at sunset. My favorite beach, from the town's quaint shops, to the row of houses leading to the beach with frontyard succulent gardenscapes.

Day 7: The Grove and Farmer’s Market + Griffith’s Observatory at night. Saw Russell Brand at the Anthropologie. I think I had deer-in-the-headlights smile combo on my face, but I respected his personal space…and admired from afar. So I am now officially a fan of his! Every bit as scraggly and lanky as he is in the movies. Three middle aged ladies tried to chat him up. He did the smile-keep-walking, and politely ducked away. (First hour of parking, free. Celebrity sighting, priceless).
The Griffith observatory sits on top of a hill, with great views of the Hollywood sign, and at night, the city lights of LA look like glittering confetti on a black ground. Gorgeous!

the grove

The Grove: An enclosed outdoor shopping mall, with stores like Crate and Barrel, Michael Stars, Ugg Australia. This is a picture of the Dancing Fountain!

Griffith Observatory: Tesla Coil (Free. $5 to watch an IMAX film with live narrator. It was a lot like listening to a bed time story about stars)

Day 7: Cerritos! Treated to In N’ Out Burger (with fully loaded, insider’s only toppings) and special burritos with frenchfries INSIDE! YUMMM!

Day 8: Briefly visited the Getty long enough to spend quality time at the watercolor exhibition. It was cool how watercolorists used mussel shells to mix paint in. The museum is just absolutely beautiful, inside and out. (Free admission, $15 parking)

The Getty Fountain

The Getty Museum. Free ($15 parking fee). One of the many beautiful fountains.

One of my favorite paintings at the Getty. Fernand Khnopff. I bought the postcard, but was not impressed with the color accuracy, or the cropping of the painting. The “disconcerting” quality that the museum commentator speaks of is lost when the image is cropped like the way it was. The color harmonies are so pleasing, I couldn’t help but want to build the colors of blues and greens and warm browns around the wedding colors. Give it a listen!

Anyway, I had great fun soaking up the sunshine, cruising around town. “Los Angeles, I’m yours.”

San Francisco Fleet Week and Wine Tasting

Many happy congrats to my amazing hosts, Beth and Nick, on their recent engagement!!!

Fleet Week here in San Francisco! Air show and fly bys of army/navy jets were setting car alarms off in Russian Hill. So awesome, very Top Gun.

Here’s a picture of the bay in the morning right before we boarded a bus tour to Napa Valley / Sonoma. This is at Pier 39, early in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds hit. We visited 4 vineyards, and tasted lots of wines. Stand out wine was the “V” for velvet. Olive oil tastings were also delicious. Never thought I could taste olive oil straight, but it was surprisingly delicious, especially with the fig infused basalmic vinegar.


Pier 39 in the morning

Air Show view from the top of Knob Hill

Air Show

Napa Valley

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