Update on the 4-Hour Body….24 hours later


Lunch – peer-pressured muffin 😦

Dinner – chinese food! bokchoy, and pork with red peppers and tofu. I think it’s 4-hour body compatible!

Felt like giving up on the diet after a long day of work, but luckily, the parents cooked up some delicious chinese dinner, and all I had to do was subtract the white rice. I do need to go the the grocery store and buy some spinach.

Also, when you are at the dentist’s, do you prefer a chatty dentist or a less talkative one?  Personally, I get annoyed when the dentist asks me a question with their hand in my mouth…do you expect me to answer? or was that a rhetorical question?


2 thoughts on “Update on the 4-Hour Body….24 hours later

  1. to me, dentists are like gynecologists: they should speak little, have a gentle touch, and, for the love of god, do not make eye contact.

    • on the contrary; i think they should look you in the eyes when they mouth-rape you.

      when you’re a dentist, you should ask questions like you really care and everytime the patient begins to talk, tell them to open their mouths wider and see how wide they can open their mouth while talkin. and then when they try to breathe after trying to talk, blow the air into their mouths. i’m pretty sure my dentist has done this to me.

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